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data centre humidifiers from HumiTech

Humidification in Data Centres

Humidifiers are used in data centers to prevent electrostatic discharge, reduce cooling operation costs, prevent server error, and provide employees with a healthy working environment. 


HumiTech has extensive humidification experience in some of the UK & Ireland's largest and most well-known data centres, ensuring adherence to ASHRAE's recommended humidity levels, as well as maintaining the optimal climate conditions. 

Air conditioning within data centres is essential to the correct and efficient operation of the Information Technology equipment located within them.

Data centre power consumption is estimated to be up to 50TWh worldwide. This equates to approximately between 1.5%-3% of all Earths' total usage.  With an increasing emphasis on reducing global energy usage, it is therefore critical that data centres look to reduce their impact on our planet.  


Data centre equipment produce and releases heat which, if not correctly managed, can lead to over-heating and drying of the air, and the subsequent detrimental effects this has on the expensive hardware and valuable databases it contains.

Evaporative humidifiers offer a cost-effective solution to these costly issues as they not only reduce electrostatic discharge (ESD), they also offer high capacity and low cost evaporative cooling of the air.

Due to the increased risk of ESD in a server rooms with a humidity level below 45%, it is often recommended to maintain humidity levels of around 55%-60%rH. Indeed, ASHRAE recommends a humidity level of 5.5DegC dew point to 60%RH.

Whilst maintaining the correct levels of humidification within data centres is paramount, utilising Munters evaporative humidifiers has the added advantage of offering ‘free adiabatic air cooling’. Munters evaporative humidification equipment can provide low cost humidification at very high loads and dramatically increase energy efficient cooling performance within the data centre environment.

Advantages of evaporative humidifiers:

  • Gives protection against electrostatic discharge

  • Offers reduction in cooling operation costs

  • Helps prevent server error and data loss

  • Provides employees with a healthy working environment

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