Industrial humidifiers

​At HumiTech we have extensive experience of mapping the needs and requirements of our client's in order to choose the right industrial and commercial humidifier for your needs.  

Our extensive knowledge of the various brands and products available allows us to provide customers with a full project survey, offering only the very best and most suitable solution.

  • Full project survey

  • Humidifier selection

  • Pre-installation meeting and Health & Safety briefing

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Which humidifier? 

If you're wondering which humidifier to choose, or unsure of what the best humidifier is for your needs, HumiTech are here to support you.
There are a few different types of humidifiers, each with its own benefits depending on your requirements.


At HumiTech, we aren't restricted to just one brand, meaning we can offer our customers the best option for them.
Different humidifiers include: 


  • Evaporative humidifiers

  • Steam humidifiers

  • Electrode humidifiers

  • Resistive humidifiers

  • Gas humidifiers

  • Spray humidifiers


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