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Humidification in Food and Pharma

When it comes to humidification in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing, there are many areas that require strict climate control.

Humidification in the pharmaceutical industry


The covid 19 pandemic emphasized our reliance on process manufacturing, and in particular the importance of the pharmaceutical research industry. This industry often requires 24/7 environmental monitoring and is inherently dependent on achieving and maintaining close relative humidity control.

The clean rooms associated with these processes are reliant on environmental conditions that require specialist humidification equipment and control. Due to this strict control on air humidity levels during the research, development, and manufacture of medical products, it is paramount that any humidification system is designed and selected at the earliest possible stage.

Providing disruption-free, hygienic and cost-effective humidification within the pharmaceutical industry cannot always be achieved with standard humidification equipment.

At HumiTech, we have the ability to select the most appropriate system from our extensive range of humidifiers and evaporative coolers. Our experience and expertise in the process and pharmaceutical industry means that we deliver the right choice to ensure reliable production in all advanced process applications.

Humidification in the food industry


Creating a stable environment for food processing is essential not only for product quality, but also to prevent waste, improve production flow and enhance 

While many food stuffs require lower humidity through the use of dehumidification, humidification can be especially important for preventing food from drying out or shrinking in weight.


As part of Munters, HumiTech can provide humidification along side dehumidification to ensure the right humidity levels are maintained all year round.

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