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Thanks to our highly experienced and professional team of service engineers and our close contact with Munters, the world’s leading manufacturer of humidification solutions, HumiTech is able to meet all your humidification needs.

  • Reliable and responsive supply of spare parts

  • Service & Maintenance of all makes and models of humidifiers

  • Sales of high quality and energy efficient humidifiers

  • Installation & Commissioning

Select a service from the menu below to find out more, or contact our team today!


Humidifier servicing

  Humidification service and maintenance from the experts.  .


We supply a wide range of makes and models of humidifier, including Munters.


  Installation & commissioning services to suit your needs. 


Get the right spares to suit your needs no matter what make or model of humidifier. 


Humidification services we offer 

For more about our products and services, download our flyer or select one of our services below.  

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