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Evaporative Humidification and Cooling

As part of Munters, HumiTech can offer humidification solutions such as evaporative (Adiabatic) humidification and cooling solutions which help maintain indoor environments in industry, office and commercial buildings. This is done by maintaining correct relative humidity levels to prevent static and dust-related problems and ensure the well-being of people and art effect. Use of an evaporative humidification and cooling system provides better temperature and relative humidity (RH) control, and reduces energy consumption.

The Sustainable Way to Optimal Humidity

Munters is a global leader in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient humidification solutions. Hygienic climate controls solutions that can be powered by sustainable energy sources. Munters humidification solutions create indoors environments that are healthy, productive and environmentally friendly.

What does a evaporative humidifier do?

Evaporative humidification and cooling systems use a process that adds water molecules to the air to increase relative humidity and lower temperature. Depending on your application, increased humidity or a lower temperature are the desired outcomes.


  • Increasing production quality and minimising production rejects

  • Create a healthier indoor climate

  • Precise temperature and relative humidity control

  • Lower operating costs in some applications

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